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Alameda Doula

Zoey Anderson, Alameda Doula

Choosing a Doula is one of the most important decisions you can make when preparing for the birth of your child. My goal as your birth Doula is to provide you with emotional support, physical comfort measures and assist you and your partner in getting the informational support needed in order to make the best decisions possible.


Low Salt Recipes

Low Salt Recipes

Tasty, low sodium meals. Difficult? No. Low salt cooking is easy. Treat your loved ones, who need to lower the sodium in their diets, to healthy, easy to cook, low salt food.


Susan von Borstel Art

Susan von Borstel Art

Animals are wonderful and enrich our lives and self-awareness. Their behavior is a window into our own behavior. What does bliss look like? What is play? What is contentment? Animals help us understand ourselves.



The Science Council for Global Initiatives

Promoting clean, safe, reliable 4th generation nuclear power, 24/7/365

Humanity already has the technology to implement a global energy revolution. We can now usher in a post-scarcity era while solving the most intractable problems that threaten life on Earth.

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