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New Websites

Basic website includes

  • A Home page - illustrates the purpose of the website
  • A Contact page - so visitors can get in touch with you.
  • An  About page - tells folks who you are
  • A Subscribe page: a way for interested people to keep in touch by signing up for your newsletter.

Click here to see a basic website

Costs for basic website:

  • $300. (5 hours at $60 per hour) Includes design, hosting setup, domain setup
  • Website hosting starts at about $144 per year
  • Domain name about $21 per year

Website Maintenace 

Updates to your website within 24 hours.

You email me the text and formatted images (I will give you image formatting specifications) to add. Image work, if needed, is billed at $60 per hour.

Subscription: 12 hours per year. $660 per year in advance (saves $60). This covers most updates for currently functioning websites. Includes nessary upgrades, edits and additions of articles, image uploads. Additional time is billed at $60 per hour.

Hourly rate: $60 per hour

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